Originally from a small island in the English Channel (Portland in Dorset) I began my passion for the ocean at a very early age!  Windsurfing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Body Boarding, Snorkelling and Spear Fishing!

Windsurfing quickly become my main focus and at around 15 years old I began competing on the UK raceboard circuit, that progressed into course/slalom racing.  Wave sailing was the ultimate rush and in 1997 I decided to pack up all my wave gear and head off to Western Australia for nearly a year.

Fast forward couple of decades and I have been windsurfing on Lake Ray Hubbard since 2000.  I started Core Adventure Sports in 2013 and began teaching Paddleboarding and Windsurfing.

Summer 2017 I bought my first foil and the excitement and adrenaline is like no other.  It has tripled our days on the water, its the perfect compliment to Windsurfing and my new focus is to introduce as many windsurfers to this amazing new part of the sport!  

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Coach Dean

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We can get you foiling with minimum stress!

For beginner Foilers the equipment needed for foiling can seem a little complicated! There is a huge array of Foilers, boards and rigs to choose from.

I have tested many Foils, Foil dedicated boards, regular windsurfing boards, cammed and RAF sails and I can pass on as much knowledge as possible to help you decide.

I can help you simplify the equipment process and get you foiling quickly and efficiently. My blog will have tips on foil care. From adjusting the foil to give maximum performance and how to rig your sails to get you up on the foil in minimum wind strengths.

At our foiling academy you can try a foil before you buy, eliminating the guess work.