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Super Lightwind Foiling

How low do you want to go? Light wind speeds is probably the most talked about subject when discussing which foil size to use.

Before choosing a light wind wing for "freeride" foiling, you should take four simple elements into account: your weight, board type, set up and rig size. There are many factors involved to get an early lift off and to keep gliding through wind holes and lulls.

We have been testing the Slingshot Infinity 99 wing for nearly a year and have seen amazing results! We are very confident foiling in 5-15 mph winds on sail sizes around 5-6 sq. meters, however, some foil riders have reported an increase in back foot pressure while foiling. Because we are all different shapes, weights and sizes there is no one foil fits all.

Mast base location, foot strap position, and even boom height can all effect the COL (center of lift). Large wings are super stable and can still be used in stronger winds, so don't be afraid to experiment and keep adjusting your settings, because once you get it dialed in, super low wind foils are the best "smiles per dollar" investment you can make!

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