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Wing foiling in lighter winds

The first generation of wings were on the small side and you needed a really good blow to get going (around 20 mph or 18 knots). The latest generation of wings now have multiple sizes you choose from. We have been testing the 2021 Slingshot Sling wing V2 5.4 and 4.0 and we are blown away with the results!

With wind speeds of around 11-13 mph we can now foil with the 5.4 and often keep gliding in a lot less. Another great aspect of winging is the broad range of winds you can use the wing in compared to a sail. For example, the 5.4 wing you can use in 10-25mph and that would normally require 2 sometimes 3 different sails.

We may have to wait until Fall to really test the 4.0 but we predict this size wing will work easily in 20-35+ mph. In the video it was working pretty well in 14-20 mph but could tell the true potential was in stronger winds....stay tuned for updates

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